2021 California Tire Workshop Series and Presenters

Workshop Series - Agenda - Presentation Links - Live Recordings 1
Workshop One: California Financial and Business Assistance Workshop 2
Workshop One: Agenda and Presenters 3
Part 1: California Business Assistance Presentations 5
Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-BIZ) 6-7
Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Loan Program 24-25
Financial Incentives Offered by California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA) and California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transporation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) 36-37
Manufacturing and Research & Development Partial Exemption (CDTFA) 52-53
Part 2: CalRecycle Tire Grant Programs Presentations 75
CalRecycle Tire Grants 76-77
Rubberized Pavement Grant Program 78-79
Tire-Derived Aggregate Grant Program 88-89
Tire-Derived Product Grant Program 102-103
Grant Manager Contacts 110
Subscribe to CalRecycle Listservs Grants 111
Tire Incentive Program (TIP) Ovewrview 112-113
Local Conservation Corps Grant Program 124-125
Local Government Waste Tire Cleanup & Amnesty Grant Programs and Farm & Ranch Solid Waste Cleanup & Abatement Program 134-135
Workshop Two: The Future of Tires and Tire Recycling 156
Workshop Two: Agenda and Presenters 157
The Tire Industry in Flux 158-159
Tire Sector Sustainable Development Goals Roadmap 206-207
Michelin's Vision for Tire Recycling 252-253
Mobilizing the Future 280-281
Workshop Three: California New Tire-Derived Product Showcase 282
Workshop Three: Agenda and Presenters 283
Tire Derived Product Showcase Overview 284-285
Innovative Solutions for Managing Stormwater 298-299
Vehicle Turntables 380-381
Rubber Compounds and Surface Treated Crumb Rubber Technology 410-411
Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions 446
Workshop Four: Retreading Is The Heartbeat of Sustainability 462
Workshop Four: Agenda and Presenters 463
North America Retread Insights 466-467
The Bandage Retread Process 512-513
Video: Bandag Retread Process 514-515
Retreading Supports California Department of Transportation's Sustainability Efforts 520-521
Retreads Driving Progress Toward a More Circular Economy 546-547
Retread Resources 600-601
Links: Video "Retreads Work" , Brochure "Choosing Retreads for Your Fleet, CA Directory of Retreaders, TRIB, DK Enterprises, CalRecycle and SABRC 600-601
Retread Workshops: Register September - December 2021 602